A37 Trencher

A37 Trencher

Who is it for?

Trencher operators who want to take their CPCS test to gain their Red Trained Operator Card.

Training Available

Beginner (Max 3 candidates per course)

This is a three day course for operators with little or no experience plus a testing day.

Experienced (Max 3 candidates per course)

This is a one day course for operators with day to day experience of operating the Trencher plus a testing day.


This training can be done at our training centre or at your site (subject to CPCS minimum requirements).


Please contact our sales office for further information and course costs.

If you do not require CPCS we can arrange an NPORS or bespoke course to suit your needs.

CITB Grant Available

A grant of £300 may be available to CITB Levy contributors per candidate upon successful completion of the theory and practical elements of the CPCS A37 Trencher course. Additional grants of £400 per candidate may also be available upon successful completion of the NVQ Level 2 Plant Operator Qualification. Click here for further information.

CPCS Testing And Further Courses

Health and Safety test within 2 years

Theory - a verbal test with one to one questions with the tester

Practical - a test including:

  • Manufacturers pre start and running checks
  • Configure and set for travel
  • Travel over rough, undulating ground, substantial inclines and level surfaces
  • Manoeuvre in confined spaces
  • Configure and set for excavating duties
  • Produce cut trenches in various types of ground
  • Produce consistent depths of cut in level and uneven ground
  • Cut trenches up and down inclines
  • Place materials into transporting vehicles
  • Park the Trencher and carry out the shutdown and securing procedures

Next Step

NVQ Level 2 and CPCS Blue Competence Card