Confined Space Entry


Working in Confined Spaces can be very dangerous and potentially lethal. Anyone involved with entering, controlling or supervising persons who are involved with confined space work must have received relevant training prior to undertaking any confined space work (1997 Confined Space Regulations). Failure to adhere to these regulations can result in prosecution.

Many people lose their life or are seriously injured in confined spaces every year, including a large number of people who have been trying to rescue others trapped in a confined space without having sufficient equipment or having received appropriate training.


FST Confined Space Unit

Learning objectives

To give delegates a thorough understanding of the dangers of confined spaces and to enable delegates to enter, work and leave confined spaces including a vertical shaft.

Course content

• Current legislation
• Recognition of confined spaces
• Dangers associated with these areas including video film
• Human respiratory system
• Use of gas detection equipment in hazardous atmospheres
• Use of personal protective equipment, i.e. ropes, harnesses and man riding hoists
• Use of escape breathing apparatus and escape sets
• Pre-entry checks on equipment
• Safe Systems of Work for entry into confined spaces
• Methods of communication
• Manning levels
• Emergency procedures

Practical exercises

• Practical use of escape set breathing apparatus
• Vertical entry and egress using a tripod and winch
• Diseases and personal hygiene associated with confined spaces
• Awareness of the need for periodic examinations of equipment

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